A lot of men and women believe that Japan only begun to replicate western technology following WWII and use that within their very own technology. It perhaps so, but a simple fact is that in 1881, Kintaro Hattori opened a jewelry in Tokyo and began to create clocks in 1892, with the newest name Seikosha.

This is the beginning of what is now the Seiko Group, comprising’Seiko Corporation’,”Seiko Instruments Inc’ Swiss Army along with also the’Seiko Epson Corporation’.

Nowadays, Seiko Corporation creates among other items: logos, watches, jewelry, semiconductors, precision tools, safety razors etc.. .
Some landmarks of Seiko watchmaking are:
1895, beginning of this creation of pocket watches.
1924, first wristwatches using the newest’Seiko’.
1955, the creation of automatic winding watches for Western market begins.

1963, the debut of the first quartz driven mobile stopwatch.
1969, manufacturing of their first quartz wristwatch.
1988, first mass-produced watch powered by generators that are automatic.
In October 2008, Richard Garriott, a well-known video game programmer and adventurer, was the first time personal space explorer ever seeing the International Space Station, sporting a particular built Seiko watch, the Seiko Spring Drive Spacewalk. Regrettably, the planned spacewalk didn’t occur. However, the watch was utilized at the Space Station.

But, the very first automatic watch proven to be utilised in distance was likewise a Seiko, the 6139-6002. It had been the astronaut William R. Pogue who took this opinion to Skylab 4 in 1974. As his personal opinion. Astronauts are permitted to take some personal stuff together into space and lots of them utilize their own watches near the official supplied watches by NASA.

As you can see, Seiko has been quite innovative and utilizes new technologies to boost their merchandise.
Would you like to own one? Look at eBay and utilize the search engines online. You won’t be let down.

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