A Brief History of Berkeley, IL

Residents of the town enjoy entry to the greater Chicago region through the Union Pacific Railroad, which permits them to go to the rest of the planet by means of Chicago.

The development of a City
In 1835, the city that’s known now as Berkeley was a little farming village populated largely by Dutch and German settlers. As its population started to grow, the farmers found a 1 room school house named Sunnyside School. Though it has since transferred to a bigger construction, Sunnyside Elementary School stays the college attended by the majority of kids in the region for this day.

The very initial railroad stop in town was created in 1902, allowing people from all around to go to the little farming community. Back in 1900, the first subdivision has been created, which resulted in a lot of residential growth. Back in 1924, the city had increased so much that it had been formally incorporated and given the Berkeley Place title it preserves today. Between 1950 and 1960, the inhabitants of this town really tripled. After Interstate 290 was assembled, just around precisely the exact same time, a whole lot of residential places from the town were shot down. It was also about this time that the first railroad was stopped, although its path is marked now by a bicycle path.

From the 1960s, it had been necessary for the city expand its borders and adapt its growing population. On property which had been a part of this railroad, the first of what could be a number of industrial parks has been built. This resulted in an industrial boom which has lasted to define the little city.

This little suburb of Chicago provides entry to a few of the nation’s best cities, but it continues to carry on to its origins. A number of the original city buildings remain in place and the ones which are not have been commemorated in different manners. This permits residents all the advantages of development and expansion whilst still feelings like they’re in a little farming town.

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